Ivano Stocco Paintings

Painting is dead. Long live painting.


If you think of a photo in a real estate magazine or the most idealized sort of postcard, I tend to be more curious about the stuff that gets cropped or Photoshopped out. As I see it, we need to come to terms with the real world one way or other. Why not in art, why not with art as a crutch to help us through the rough parts?

This isn't to say I'm interested in a kind of brute reality, something with shock value. And I don't want to convey every single imagination-filling detail (the camera is a better, more efficient tool for that). But I want it honest. Fresh. Raw. I'm chasing after something like the poetry of everydayness, or the "strange beauty" that arises when you're running chores and don't expect it, but there it is. I use paint and mixed media and a 2-D surface to get this across. The whole thing is about my need to process and repair. I hope it's a similar experience for you.

Part of the work of keeping it honest is experimenting a lot, and finding ways never to be bored with the creative process. I work in watercolour, ink, acrylic, aerosol, oil, and even paints I make myself. Sometimes I combine these, incorporate collage and other readymade materials, or add plaster or ash from the fireplace. At other times, too much freedom and a lack of boundaries overwhelms me and I go Zen, pushing just one medium and a few colours to a point of transgression.

The other thing I do is spend a lot of time "in the field," in the real-space of galleries and in the streets studying the architecture and graffiti, always moving at a walking pace, talking to people, and sketching along the way.

When not painting, I sculpt in various industrial materials and play the violin with my daughters (like a "screechy cat", they say). I've also recently opened a design business, I.S. Design, which is focussed on printmaking and gift items, including reproductions of some of my larger paintings.

Prior to becoming a fulltime artist 11 years ago, I was a high school teacher and computer programmer.

Raised in Guelph, Ontario, Canada—and having lived for extended periods in England, Italy, and Spain—I currently reside in the L.A. area.